Jan 6, 2009


"Another privilege of talking is to misquote"

Can there be an inspirational quote about gossip? To some of us who have managed to dodge the rumor mill such inspiration may be considered unnecessary. However, those who have been the subject of misquotes and misinformation may need some motivational words to help them develop thicker skins or maybe to apply a little emotional water proofing so that incorrect facts or downright dirty lies will roll over and off of them like water off a ducks back.

Conversation and the sharing of local news are entertaining. But often in the repeating of tidbits of news the stories start to take on a life of their own and the facts get embroidered and decorated so that they will attract a larger audience and be even more interesting than they were in the beginning.

Those who are the victims of this mode of misguided entertainment should take heart and know that even the most positive kind of fame rarely lasts more than 15 minutes or so I'm told. So, our quote about gossip tells us that talking is so common that even the juiciest of rumors won't stay on the tongues of nosy people long enough to worry with.

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