Jan 23, 2009


Strangely enough sad poems often have the ability of comforting us rather than to drag us down into the mood of the author. In theory, when we are feeling loss of a loved one through death or a breakup, to hunker down with a tissue and a book filled with sad and touching poems might be the worst possible therapy. The thoughts on this are that such material would pull us further into the deep mire of grief and add fuel to the fire of misery rather than to lift us up and help us to move on.

If this is the case, why do we pull together just enough energy after a devasting moment in life to drag ourselves out of bed or our favorite chair to dress and shuffle down to the neighborhood book store to find a book filled with deep, sad poems? Are we as human beings that self-destructive by nature?

I had pondered this behavior for awhile. Whenever a friend called after a death in their family or a relationship went bad, I did my best to steer them away from sad poems on death and dying or loss of love. This was my way of helping them to heal and wallowing in their despair.

Recently, I needed some comforting myself. A death of a loved one at any time is bad, but a loss during the holidays has to be the worst of all. In my efforts to heal myself, I made the decision to devote some time to home organization. Cleaning out shelves and drawers was my way of busying my mind as well as making sense of the world.

In the process, I came across a book of poetry that I had seen my loved one reading from time to time. The need for a connection compelled me to take a break, sit for a minute and read a few lines. If it had been obvious that there were sad poems in the mix, I might never have allowed myself to open the book. But there was no indication that the poetry was written on the subject of sadness.

When I started to turn the pages, a piece of paper with familiar handwriting fell into my lap. It was a sad poem that was written during a rough patch in my friend's life. She had lost a husband almost immediately after she got the news that she was expecting their child and wrote this touching poem of sadness. Somehow I knew that writing her feelings made her feel better. I know that it changed my opinion in regards to the healing properties of poetry.

I miss you in the morning
When at first I wake
Your voice and smile are with me
With every move I make

We’d been a pair forever
It seems since the first breath I took
Now I find myself alone yet not alone
A leaf floating in the brook

I find solace, however
In memories of time together
Keeping them close in my heart of hearts
Will comfort me forever

Even though the Lord has called you
And you are at home above
You haven’t left me cold and alone
For I’m carrying your love

You can rest easy in your reward
Knowing that your love will go on
What we learned together will be shared with others
In the light that shines within me long after you’ve gone.

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Jan 19, 2009

Feelings of Sadness and Sorrow

There are as many reasons to feel sad as there are people who are experiencing feelings of sadness and sorrow. Pain and anger are strong emotions that are direct results to negative experiences that unfortunately are a part of modern life. I’m sure you have heard the old saying that tells us that nobody gets out of this world alive and that is so true.

It is also a fact as we are told in the Bible, that the rain falls on the just as well as the unjust. In fact, scripture tells us that living is often more difficult for those with faith than those who indulge in sinful ways. Is there any wonder that we have such strong feelings of sadness and sorrow when we see innocent children in pain from illnesses or that are victims of abuse while criminals wallow in luxury free as birds or are taken care of with three meals a day and a warm bed albeit within prison walls? How can we help but be confused with such an enigma?

There are excellent inspirational poems and quotes on feelings of sadness and sorrow in the Bible as well as motivational books written by our fellow sufferers that offer practical and spiritual advice on how to handle them. Our faith doesn’t promise a life with no sorrow, but it provides comfort and a promise of hope to those who believe.

Friends of mine tell me that when they find themselves in a dark place filled with depression that they have certain verses in the Bible bookmarked to help them cope. Once they allow the comforting words to infiltrate their minds, they are able to once again pick up their daily lives with a clear head and a hopeful spirit.

Once of my favorite non-Biblical quotes about sadness reinforces what the Bible says, which says to let it go. Send it up in prayer and let God’s plan for us take the pressure out of our feelings of sadness. Because as the quote states, if we build walls around ourselves to keep the grief and despair out of our lives you also build a wall that keeps out the joy and love that life has to offer. We have to take the good with the bad and trust God’s word to tell us how to make it through.

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Jan 8, 2009


Inspirational Bible Quotes have a way of giving us direction, peace and confidence in our relationships with our beloved spouses, friends and family members. And at times scripture can guide us to make the right decisions in not only our own lives, but give us the tools to comfort others.

How many times has a troubled friend called you on the telephone or contacted you with a letter asking your opinions and seeking relationship advice and you felt that you didn’t have the right words to give them comfort? It’s very hard to know what to say that will help them make a decision whether to stay or leave, whether to continue to try or to throw in the towel.

Quotes from the Bible about love are plentiful, but I found this inspirational Bible quote to be the most helpful in a recent conversation that I had with a friend who was beginning to suspect her fiancĂ© of being unfaithful. She expressed little faith in him by doubting his fidelity and on the other hand she was very upset because she was in love and didn’t want to end the engagement.

I advised her to seek premarital counseling and to turn to the Word of God for guidance. The best Bible quote I could think of to address her feelings at the moment was 1 John 4:18.

The quote from 1 John 4:18 "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear" tells me that the right kind of love will give you strength, build character and self esteem. The wrong kind of love will only break a person down and take them down paths that are destructive and dead end. This quotation gives the advice that my friend was seeking if she would only open her heart. If the love she had for her intended was producing fear, perhaps it was not the right kind of love that God intends for a husband and wife to have for each other.

Before you offer your own advice to friends, remember there are inspirational Bible quotes that offer divine guidance that can improve or eliminate most of the problems that we face in life.

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Jan 6, 2009


"Another privilege of talking is to misquote"

Can there be an inspirational quote about gossip? To some of us who have managed to dodge the rumor mill such inspiration may be considered unnecessary. However, those who have been the subject of misquotes and misinformation may need some motivational words to help them develop thicker skins or maybe to apply a little emotional water proofing so that incorrect facts or downright dirty lies will roll over and off of them like water off a ducks back.

Conversation and the sharing of local news are entertaining. But often in the repeating of tidbits of news the stories start to take on a life of their own and the facts get embroidered and decorated so that they will attract a larger audience and be even more interesting than they were in the beginning.

Those who are the victims of this mode of misguided entertainment should take heart and know that even the most positive kind of fame rarely lasts more than 15 minutes or so I'm told. So, our quote about gossip tells us that talking is so common that even the juiciest of rumors won't stay on the tongues of nosy people long enough to worry with.

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