Dec 3, 2008


I think the best way to kick off the month of December is with some inspirational Christmas quotes. Even in the best of times, words of wisdom with deep spiritual meaning might help to protect the fragile human spirit and perhaps if we pay close attention to what the author says; the money in our bank accounts.

It seems that every magazine and newspaper that comes in the mail or is dropped on our driveway starting the day after Thanksgiving is filled with page upon page of advertisements for the latest toys, gadgets and equipment. The headlines shout at us in large, colorful holiday fonts that we have very little time to make our way to the malls or stores before Christmas. The countdown alone is enough to rack your nerves and make take leave of your senses and need the peace that inspirational Christmas quotes offer.

For this reason, words of wisdom and good old fashioned common sense are especially crucial. Christmas lists are an excellent way to keep up with the endless gifts that we need to buy. It would be sad if we forgot to purchase something for a friend who is always there for us or a person who goes out of their way in their job to do something thoughtful.

We never know who may have family problems or trouble lurking behind the cheerful wave or the enthusiastic greeting. People have a way of hiding their difficulties to avoid passing their worries to casual acquaintances. During the holiday season these burdens can sometimes get the best of even the strongest individuals. For that reason, I have chosen the following inspirational Christmas quote that reminds us that the best gifts are free if we only took the time and trouble to share them with others.


The gift of forgiveness to your enemies
The gift of tolerance to your opponents
The gift of your heart to a faithful friend
The gift of service to your loyal customers
The gift of charity to all that you encounter
The gift of a good example to the children
the gift of self respect to yourself.

Based on a Christmas quote by Oren Arnold

If we can give one gift listed in the above inspirational Christmas quote perhaps your actions will be motivational to others and a trend will be set in motion. Thoughtful acts can be viral by nature. The chain reaction you put in place can only serve to make our world a better place.

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