Nov 28, 2008


After a day spent with kin that are seen once a year or less, family poems have been coming in by the dozens. Some are sad poems about empty places around the dinner table expressing sadness at the loss of loved ones who had passed away since the last gathering. The lines are poignant reminders that we should respect and appreciate our loved ones while they are still with us.

How sad that we take for granted that there will always be another opportunity to tell important people in our lives how much we treasure and appreciate them. One of the most touching poems that I read this morning was written by a young person who had recently lost several family members in an accident.

Many inspirational family poems recommend that we do everything we can to solve our family problems with love and understanding. If there is a need to be the bigger person and admit our shortcomings for the greater good and to promote peace then by all means pray about it and ask for guidance on the best way to get the job done. There are no guarantees that we will have the chance if we continue to procrastinate and allow the misunderstandings to divide and separate us.

Here is a short poem on family members and how we take them for granted.

We took the time today to welcome the casual guest
Yet neglected to shower love on the ones who love us best
Perhaps the wisdom to do better comes after searching east and west
For love to compare to those who loved us first and best.

The message in this inspirational family poem is that no matter where you travel or how many relationships you may form, you will never find love and acceptance to compare with that enjoyed early in your life. The love of God was first, then your mother and father’s. If you are lucky, you may have had a devoted grandmother and grandfather to add to the list. This family poem indicates that we should show our appreciation to God and family before casual acquaintances.

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