Feb 7, 2009

PATIENCE QUOTES - The Virtue of Patience

One of my favorite patience quotes from the Bible is taken from Psalm 27:14.

"Wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and he shall strengthen the heart."

Young people seem to always be in such a rush to meet deadlines, accomplish goals and get to where they want to be. In all that hurrying and scurrying they seem to lose sight of where they are are going or what they are going to do once they arrive.

A young married couple may be ready to start a family and is having difficulty getting pregnant. Maybe a college graduate is ready to kick off the career of a lifetime. There's nothing at all wrong with enthusiasm, but when it becomes a problem we need some inspiration and guidance on how to control ourselves and remain upbeat and focused rather than to give up out of frustration.

Waiting for anything to happen or taking their time drives people crazy. What is actually a few minutes they treat as if it were an eternity. People become so impatient and irritable mentally drumming their fingers and patting their feet in a fretful fashion. Their attitude is that things should be hopping all the time; that life is moving on without them and that they are wasting time when they need to be out there in the mix of things.

Older folks are more relaxed because they have "been there" and "done that" but even they are guilty of not remembering the patience quotes that their elders shared with them. Patience and tolerance is a virtue that is difficult to attain in today's world. All we can do is pay attention to what the Bible says about patience and trust in God's wisdom while we are devoping patience of our own.

There are a few funny quotes on patience. My favorite involves a pair of buzzards sitting in a tree pondering on killing something rather than to use prudence and wait for a carcass to be served up to them.

The best inspirational quote on patience that I have found is this one: Patience is wisdom in waiting.

An ancient proverb on patience that is worthy of mention is: A misty morning does not mean that it will be a cloudy day.

There are many patience quotations or sayings from the Bible, but here's a good one:
A man's wisdom gives patience. Proverbs 19-11

If you read carefully there is a common thread in patience quotes; wisdom. This tells us that it is a wise person who practices prudence and learns the virtue of patience. So, how do we start to build wisdom and start to practice patience rather than to live in a state of anxiety and frustration? The best advice that I can offer is when you find yourself in too much of a hurry take a few breaths and remember that God tells us to wait.

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