May 26, 2010

Salvation Bracelet Craft Kits

Vacation Bible School is only a week or two away and I think Salvation Bracelet Craft kits may be something that the girls in my class' age group might enjoy making. It's hard to find a craft with meaning that doesn't require advanced artistic skills.

I found kits that have hemp cords and synthetic leather ones that come with laminated inspirational message cards that are written in both English and Spanish. The girls in my class will love making these and I believe that giving them to their friends who may not actually attend Bible School will help to spread the Word.

The Salvation bracelet craft kits with the inspirational message card that I was considering are advertised at .39 each which is very reasonable, in fact it's very cheap! But I'm on a very tight budget and have even been entering to win free stuff to use as supplies. If you know of a less expensive resource for the bracelet kits, would you please leave a comment telling me where to find them online? I would appreciate the help

May 14, 2010


I often wonder if there is a better way of bringing souls to Christ than to visit, leave pamphlets and invite people to join me at church. I know that many are hungry...no starved...for what our Savior has to give and are just waiting for an invitation.

Many times these lost souls stand silently in the background or worse yet, act in the most sinful ways imaginable in order to either be noticed or in a futile attempt to fill the emptiness in their lives with something even if it's the wrong thing.
However, as miserable and sad as these people can be they often take offense or are insulted and downright rebellious if a Christian shows up at their door bringing them an invitation to join your religious family.

We are told many times in the Bible that witnessing is important but we should be aware that the inspirational message can be delivered in many ways.

Here is one Bible verse about witnessing and bringing souls to Christ that I would like to share:

ACTS 1:8

"But when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power to testify about me with great effect to the people in Jerusalem throughout Judea, and in Sumaria, and to the ends of the earth."


Perhaps one of the most effective ways for us to witness would be how we live our own lives. Do we live the way Jesus would want us to live? Would He approve of our actions on any given day? Do we make it a practice to only go to places where He would go?

The way that we go about our day to day workaday lives can be a witness bringing souls to Christ. Our very lives can be a witness to the lost and then when we do have the opportunity to witness the lost person will be more receptive to our invitation.

The love of Jesus Christ is a beautiful gift that we can offer every lost person that is waiting for an invitation to receive the gift of salvation. We can be the motivation for the lost to seek salvation. We can show them the joy that comes from being a member of the family of God. Showing them rather than telling them that God's love can take away the pain is perhaps a better way.

Here is a poem that is an invitation to unsaved individuals.

To the tired and thirsty person
Plagued by sin and woe
Christ offers a place of comfort
Where the saved can go

He offers us cool water
And food enough to share
With those who would trade light for darkness
And tormented thoughts for prayer

His gift is wrapped in beauty
And eternal life too
A present of peace and joy so sweet
Waiting for you at Jesus' feet

Bringing lost souls to Christ's love can be a personal blessing, so let's dedicate ourselves to living the live the Jesus intended for us to receive it to the very fullest.