Sep 12, 2009


There are many who profess to have and to follow genuine Christian beliefs and practices that are merely going through the motions at best or at worst are knowingly pretending to be true believers. Theirs is a false pretense even though some are so polished and practiced in this behavior that no man on earth will ever be the wiser.

But the Bible teaches us that man’s opinion is not the one that counts. Someday they will face God and be judged phony. Jesus tells us that God will separate the real Christian from the phony Christian and that on this day there will be no hiding what is in your heart. Separation will be according to the individual’s spiritual relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ and their genuine Christian beliefs and practices, not how good they were at fooling their fellow man.

We are taught that a list of good works, affiliation with a particular religious denomination and reputation are not important and that while these things may be evidence of a relationship with God, they are just evidence. You can read on how the Lord will separate the believers from the non-believers in the book of Matthew 25: 31-46.

Now is the time to examine your own relationship with God and if you feel there is room for improvement a good place to work on it is in the church of your choosing and by discussing your feelings with your spiritual guide. One day, when it counts you will be ever so happy that you did.

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