Jul 5, 2009


I was reading some poems about old houses recently and found them to be very thought provoking. I am not such a huge fan of architecture that the sight of an old building makes me want to take up pen and paper and compose inspiring poems voicing my admiration for attractive piles of wood, bricks and stone that were constructed long ago.

But when I recently visited the site of the old family homestead where I had spent so many wonderful holidays and summers in my early years the longing to see those much loved faces that are now gone was enough to make me ache and take a few minutes to write about how being there alone made me feel.

I dropped by the old home place.
Where I spent summers for years.
But there in the quiet empty rooms.
I failed to control the tears.

I looked forward to returning for a visit.
Thinking it would be like before.
Where the minute the car door closed
There would be family waiting at the door.

But the windows were dark and empty
For my loved ones have passed on
I only have my memories
Of happy times in their home.

My memories walked with me from room to room
Remembering when beloved feet there trod
And in the afternoon’s darkening light
I took comfort knowing they are now with God

Even after I returned home the memories of small details like how warm a really fresh egg can be, how sweet a baby calf’s face is and best of all the joy of being in the presence of my grandparents. Where classic architecture failed to inspire me to write, the sight of an empty, old farm house where I had once enjoyed being surround with affection makes me rethink the inspirational qualities of poems about old houses.

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