Jul 19, 2009


mind your own business wall vinyl quotes

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If I threw out a few mind your own business quotes today would you think I was being a smart aleck and be insulted? Can such a harsh statement possibly be motivational? This depends on whether or not you are willing to realize the benefits of minding your own affairs. If you are you will see that there is indeed an inspirational message in these words even though they are often delivered in a somewhat less than motivational manner.

You might be wondering how somebody telling you to mind your own business could be anything OTHER than insulting. Certainly, the circumstances and delivery of the message is the key. For instance, I’m not about to try and convince you that when your teenage son or daughter catches you listening in on their private telephone conversations and gives you a piece of his or her mind that you should be inspired.
However, when a caring friend after seeing you in an emotional state because of something that someone did that was completely out of your control tosses out some “mind your own business” quotes, how could you fail to see the benefits?

Trying to control another person’s actions, no matter how well meaning your intentions may be, is an exercise in futility that is only going to leave you at best frustrated and defeated and at worst a candidate for depression. Minding your own business is the best way to lift the weight of taking personal responsibility for another’s actions off your shoulders. It takes practice, but once you experience the freedom that comes from being responsible for your own life alone I have doubts that you will want to return to a codependent existence.

One of my favorite mind your own business quotes is "Clean your own backyard" which basically reminds us that we are only meant to control our own lives. It is a good idea to listen to our loved ones when they have problems and offer advice carefully when asked. I’m sure that you will find that if you truly tend to your own business you will have very little time to meddle in the affairs and privacy of others and see just how liberating that will be.