Dec 16, 2012

New Baby Quotes Offering Congratulations

New baby quotes offering congratulations may also relay wishes that we have for the new mother and father and the future of their family. A congratulatory quote or thoughts based on a favorite Bible verse does more than simply congratulate the couple on the birth of their child; a short, personalized phrase can bring a smile on a busy day when there is more than the usual expected work surrounding the care of a newborn infant or it can serve to remind us that with each child comes a new beginning of a life filled with hope and promise.

Inspirational baby quote about hopes and dreams

Inspirational New Baby Quotes

As Eda J. LeShan stated, the wonder, hopes and the dream of possibilities is endless and even more amazing when all of the above is contained in such a tiny, fragile human being. How could parents fail to be moved by the depth of these words?

Funny Baby Congratulations Quotes

A little humor never hurts and can alleviate stress PLUS a funny saying can be just as motivational as a serious one. If sending a card to congratulate a friend who has just had a new baby you might consider adding the following wording on the inside including personal details if you like: Parenting may not be the easiest job in the world, but it is definitely the best one ever! Congratulations (your friends' names here) on the arrival of your new baby.