Nov 23, 2008

Inspirational Poems of Gratitude

Sundays are an excellent day to feature our friends' inspirational poems of gratitude. The quotes in this simple poetry remind me of how thankful we should be for the basics in life. Our shelter, nourishment and the love of God, family and friends.

A friend of mine who is an inspiring motivational speaker has told me that he starts his day in the spirit of gratitude to God for the beauty and wonder that He shares with us on a regular basis. This information came as no real surprise to me as this person is very spiritual by nature, but I did find it interesting to come to the realization that not only is he given to thoughtful thanks but writes beautiful inspirational poems of gratitude such as the one that you will find below.


My gratitude to God should come alive automatically
as the alarm clock severs
the threads that held me to dreaming

This is mandatory even on bad days,
even though I’m aware of
what is coming.

Our spiritual leaders teach that
each day we lift up our souls
to God for purposes I can't begin to fathom.

Does he harness them for use in tandem?
Does he borrow them to make music
with his angels?

Lord, I’m grateful that your enduring trust in us hasn’t become worn and unraveled at the seams
like our faith at times
But is renewed again each time we awake
and wipe the sleep from our eyes.
I offer my gratitude to you for the simple fact that I’m alive.

What exactly is the meaning of this inspirational poem? Knowing the author, I believe it is an expression of the wonder at the mysteries of God and how He inspires us to do His works here on earth as well as thankfulness for His love and never ending faith in our possibilities no matter that our faith in Him may ebb and flow.

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