Nov 22, 2009

Mind Your Own Business Quotes and Sayings

Since I made my first post on this subject some of the mind your own business quotes and sayings that have been posted as comments have literally cracked me up! I'm relatively certain that the circumstances in which these statements were delivered were less than humorous but one or two of them were hilarious.

"If it's not your tail don't be wagging it."

This saying that I would like to focus on today has to do with breaking the bad habit of gossiping. So many people say the peace and productivity in their workplace was totally destroyed by office gossip. It only takes one worker with a loose tongue and a mean spirit to reduce a team into utter turmoil. It's the brave soul who is willing to nip malicious gossip around the water cooler in the bud by sharing a few mind your own business quotes and sayings before things get completely out of hand.

Bad news travels fast but juicy gossip knows no limits. Consider that your affairs may be the next topic of discussion the next time you are tempted to stir the pot or better yet, gently advise a co-worker that gossiping is never a good idea.