Dec 12, 2008


The following inspirational charity quotes remind us that the Christmas season is not a warm and cozy time of year to those who are having trouble making ends meet or don't have the most basic of necessities like warm clothing and food.

Real charity isn't about the tax deduction.

Quotes about charity give us the motivation to reach out and do something nice for a person without expecting anything in return other than the feeling of having been blessed by making a load lighter or a day brighter. Every little bit counts and by working together with each doing his part we can solve so much of what is wrong with our world.

There's nothing wrong with donating funds to charities in order to get a tax deduction, but as the inspirational charity quote says, the blessing is not in the personal gain that you get in tax savings. It's about knowing a child didn't go to bed hungry or that an older person got the medical help that they so desperately needed.

We hear far too much about mis-managed budgets and too little about the good that acts of kindness and the true spirit of giving do to improve the lives of so many people who have fallen on difficult times through no fault of their own. Why should innocent children suffer when a small amount from each of us could provide a meal and warm shoes and clothing? They have done nothing to deserve such fates.

Here is another favorite of many inspirational charity quotes that I would like to share with you. The early snowfall that we enjoyed today brought it to mind:

An act of kindness is just like an early snow - it beautifies everything it touches.

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