Apr 20, 2010

Will God Take Care of Me

During these difficult times, many are asking "Will God Take Care of Me?" because they are facing situations that they never in their wildest dreams thought they would encounter. Virtually every family I know is suffering financial setbacks and worries and the root of this is the outcome of confusing what we WANT with our actual needs. The greed and dishonesty of a few have certainly brought us to a difficult time.

Will God provide for me in the manner to which I've become accustomed? That all depends! God promised to provide for our needs, not our wants. And He is the only one who knows exactly what we need and when we need it and I ask you do you really think that luxury has made people happy?

My faith and many inspirational Bible verses tell me that God will stand by me and supply what I need so long as I'm patient and willing to wait. Waiting on God can be difficult because he doesn't work according to our calendar. However, we can comfort in the knowledge that as we are struggling with a need that He in His wisdom already knows the need as He knows all things.

Knowing the answer to the question, will God take care of me provides comfort to my anxious soul. I know this because scripture assures me that if I wait on God, in faith, that He will provide.

Why would He let us reach the point of desperation? Perhaps this is to lead us to renew our dependence on Him and bring us back to the point of child like faith depending on him for all things.