Nov 27, 2009


After the lovely day I had yesterday, I can honestly say that I am both thankful and grateful. The meal that was prepared was beautifully prepared and the love around the table was warm and comforting, completely unlike the so-called family shows we see on television.

One of my favorite family quotes is this one, "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." Which is attributed to George Santayana and I agree with this quotation wholeheartedly.

How sad that our children are being taught that all families are filled with angst and to be "trapped" in the house with them for a day is tantamount to torture. Even the film reviews that I read listing the picks and pans of holiday movies offer their choices up as excellent opportunities to escape from family over Thanksgiving weekend.

Parents have their jobs cut out for them in battling the messages sent to their kids that are brainwashing them into believing that the people who love them most are at best ridiculous and laughable and at worst, downright intolerable. Why do we as consumers allow paid advertising and television programming to diminish the importance of family?

All we can do is to reinforce the belief that family is something to be both grateful and thankful for and that if someone tries to tell them otherwise then THEY are laughable and pathetic NOT our family members.

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