Dec 23, 2008


Many of us dread the less than inspirational family gatherings during the Christmas holidays. Sadly, Christmas is portrayed in the movies as an opportunity for dysfunctional families to air their dirty laundry and work out their frustrations.

Perhaps a cousin, aunt or uncle tossed about a few demeaning words or insulted you last Christmas. Those lingering memories of hurt feelings certainly make you less excited about getting together with your loved ones for yet another holiday round of taking potshots at each other, don't they?

The best advice is to turn the other cheek and let the healing start with you. Don't engage in the verbal exchanges. Let's make a commitment to transform the holidays.

Contribute positive and complimentary comments whenever appropriate and called for. If a negative thought travels through your mind; let it go. Let's take Christmas back to a time of inspiration and closeness that it's meant to be.

Here's an inspirational quotation that can apply to our dealings with family members at Christmas or any time of year.

Your loved ones will forgive you for what you have said
Your family will forget things that you have done
They will never forget the way that you made them feel

The meaning of this short inspirational quote is that feelings live much longer than the actual effects of a pointed remark or action. The message here is that if you have hurt those who love you in the past. There's no time like the present to make things better between you.