Nov 21, 2009

Minding Your Own Business

Minding your own business should be at the top of any list of health tips. In my humble opinion, breaking the habit of being nosy may be just as beneficial to your body as diet and exercise.

How many times have you been guilty of "sticking your nose in a hornet's nest" only to have it backfire on you? Meddling with the natural order of things can be harmful to you as well as those whose lives you are tampering with.

The temptation to fix things for other people can be very strong. Seeing our loved ones suffer the consequences of their unwise actions is never pleasant but it's best to turn them over to the care and wisdom of a loving God than to become involved in situations where we may not see the whole picture.

After trying to be a "fixer" you may find that minding your own business gives you freedom to work on your own problems that are truly within your power to fix. God expects us to focus on our own individual spiritual and physical health not to run around trying to do his job for him.

Here is a joke that proves that not minding your own business can be very painful.

A man was taking a stroll past a fenced yard the other day when he heard a group of people shouting, '13....13....13.'

Intrigued, he wanted to take a peek, but the fence was too high for him to look over. His curiosity was growing but there was no ladder to use to see over that fence and then he happened to see a small gap between the boards of the fence so he ran over and put his eye to the hole so that he could see what all the shouting was about....and then... somebody poked him right in the eye with a stick!

At that point the shouting became '14....14....14'...

Consider this a silly reminder to mind your own business!

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