Dec 5, 2008


Feeling the benefits from inspirational Christmas stories seems to get more difficult each year. The sadness and nervousness from the evil in the world is so overpowering that for many Christmas represents little more than crowded shopping malls, financial challenges and dysfunctional family members. Add to that the feeling of pressure from gift obligations and how could we be surprised that many view the holidays with a sense of dread and foreboding.

If you are among the many that view this the most beautiful time of year in this way I recommend that you plan a quiet moment of stillness and repose in order to ask yourself .. when did the true meaning of Christmas escape me? And better yet, how can I rediscover the spiritual feelings of the times when the holidays were filled with positive, joyful experiences, family feelings and happy times? How can I bring back the spirituality that should be part of Christmas?


Once we are adults, each of us has our own memories of Christmases past. When December comes around, we tend to revisit those memories with their joy or its pain as we recreate and relive the season. We take a moment to examine our beliefs, our expectations and touch upon remembered disappointments by ignoring positive inspirational Christmas stories that are uplifting only to wallow in the negative memories of the past. But we are also offered the gift of new consciousness with each yearly rebirthing of our spiritual selves. We have the option to accept and make good use of this gift or to practice the mulling of old experiences that hinder our soul’s growth.


Focusing on the stressful aspects of the holidays will snuff out the power that the magic of Christmas can work in your life. if you allow yourself to be manacled by the power of negativity instead of the power of positive thinking, you are insulating yourself from what what is good and holy. In this season we are reminded by the birthing Christ that we have a choice about priorities and where you choose to place your energy. Will you focus on seeking inspirational Christmas stories and accept the boundless love that this holiday offers you or be left feeling alone and lacking. Make a promise to yourself to search for uplifting moments or better yet create and share them with others.


Finding inspiring images and acts often takes nothing more than to train yourself to see the good in people and your surroundings. Tune out the evening news and read a book filled with inspirational Christmas stores that will allow you to escape the turmoil of the day rather than to bring it into your home. Join a charity group that offers aid to those less fortunate to see good works in action. Form a shell around your spirit that only allows positive thoughts to grow and prosper.


To create a visual promise, perform a personal candle lighting ceremony to commemorate the promise that you are making to yourself to eliminate feelings that keep you from your joy. Immerse yourself in meditation and a moment of quiet prayer to query your higher self on ways to offer your loved ones inspirational Christmas stories that are personal and real. While deep in prayer, affirm the courage to be open to a new way of thinking about gift giving and the holidays. The illumination of spirit you experience from this simple exercise may amaze you, but they will also bless you. Where your mind goes, often the condition of the body follows. The magic may bring peace to areas that were previously tender and aching. By embracing the inner peace this season offers, you invite the magic of Christ’s love to lift you up.

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