Nov 22, 2008

Inspirational Poems and Quotes

Whenever I feel low, I find that my books of inspirational poems and quotes help me to not only let go of the bad feelings of gloom and doom but to lift my spirits into a better place where I can think clearer and face the future with a clear head. There are times when I find just the right saying to fit the moment, I can pass the rewarding thoughts forward and help a friend who has trouble in his or life or recommend reading materials that can do the trick. We never know what impact a thoughtful gesture or word can have to a person who is hurting and lonely.

I have never considered myself to be a motivational speaker or teacher. Nor am a someone who is capable of writing poems that inspire listeners to reach their goals in life with a smile on their face. However, I have faced my share of hard times and tests of faith and know the value of the written word with an uplifting message during times of hardship and trouble.

My goal is for the funny motivational posters and inspirational poems and quotes in stories and books that I recommend to help visitors to this blog leave their worries behind for just a few minutes and start feel better about themselves so that they can reach a more positive place.

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