Nov 22, 2008

Inspirational Poem - Teen Suicide

An inspirational poem or thoughtful words won't save Abraham Biggs, but after reading the tragic story of the loss of Abraham Biggs to suicide, I have to believe that for every teen who kills himself on the internet that there is another that may be searching for peace and solace.

Here's a poem on the subject of teen suicide that offers encouragement for troubled young people to look ahead to a brighter future and to realize that tomorrow is another day.


Feeling the cold showers of pain
That come suffering the cold dark rain
Deathly feeling of loneliness and shame

Please know that we have all been there before
Where we don't want to feel any more
With a heart feeling broken in half
A mind that is dwelling in the past
Searching for a dark place to hide
Entertaining dark thoughts of suicide

Don't make such a final decision tonight
Tomorrow the sun may shine bright
The ill feelings will go away
Give yourself the option of another day

The darkness in the clouds will part
Life, love and family will mend your heart
Things are never as bad as we fear
Thoughts of self destruction will disappear

In the future you’ll remember that day
And be so thankful that you chose another way

My sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Abraham Biggs.

I hope that our Motivational Inspirational Poems, Posters and Quotes will help to soothe and give you peace.


Anonymous said...

wow that is very touching and sad. I once had a friend commit suicide because of her sexuality. RIP Alycissa