Nov 13, 2010

God's Justice and Ours

Certainly evildoers deserve punishment but there is a great difference between God's justice and ours. The problem is that man thinks of justice in a different way than God. We believe that justice has been served when the perpetuators of crime or evil works are punished with a jail sentence or even sentenced to death. Humans tend to focus on the eye for an eye brand of justice for the evil that people do.

Thankfully, God does not view things in the same way and He practices to give us what we need rather than what we deserve and that is also what He requires us to do in our dealings with others.


A lady of a certain age visited a professional photographer to have her portrait made. When she returned to see the proofs she told the photographer that the pictures did not do her justice. The photographer commented, “Ma'am, when it comes to your portraits you don't need justice; you need mercy!”


And mercy is something that we all need! We need for God to be merciful toward us and we need him to love us, forgive us and accept us. We are well aware that even the most devout Christians do not always walk in faith as we should. We are often separated from our beliefs and the way that we live out our lives do not reflect our spirituality.
Please refer to this inspirational Bible verse about love and kindness, Micah 6:8 that tells us, "What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"

When the Lord asks us to carry out justice he is requiring us to live and walk in our faith in our daily lives. Just going to church on Sunday is not enough. Our faith should lead us to work from justice and to witness to others in the way that we conduct our lives. To be truthful there's no danger in mistaking us for Christ our Savior but He should be seen in us in the way we live. It’s a goal worth having to bring God's Justice and ours closer together and to conduct acts of kindness that remind others of our Lord who is the kindest of all.


social poem said...

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Rathnashikamani said...

Evildoers cannot escape from punishment.

Evildoers are the victims of their own wicked devices.

amazing me said...

I love this quotes!