Aug 22, 2009

Keep Your Eye on Eternity

One of my favorite quotes about eternity is that it seems like a long time coming but once it arrives you hope that you don't want it to end quickly. Ponder this quotation and you will undoubted see the urgency to keep ourselves focused on eternity rather than the endless pursuit of things that are meant to get the message across to our neighbor that we are big wheels and a roaring success financially.

Our Lord knows that we have to be industrious in order to obtain the many needs of our families. But I have to believe that His plan for us was to be content with the basics. I'm sure that he didn't mean for us to spend so much of our lives fighting to have huge homes and endless amounts of stuff that we don't really need or SHOULDN'T need in order to feel truly bless and contented.

There is a scripture about this that states, "Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you," and there is another that tells us "Contentment is great gain."
I take these statements to mean that we should spend more time thinking about how we might honor His name, be helpful to those in need and eternity will be paradise.

I hope that on your next visit to Motivational Inspirational Posters Poems and Quotes about Eternity that you can share something that you did for your fellow man or tell us what you donated that you had no need for and that you are more contented.