Jul 14, 2009


Quotes about change are important and would you like to know my opinion on why this is so? If you are still logged in and reading beyond the question mark punctuating the opening line to this paragraph I must assume that you are indeed slightly curious. Perhaps you are even interested to the point of intrigue as to what my thoughts might be on the underlying importance of powerful quotes about social changes.

I won’t keep you hanging and in suspense any longer; the reason that quotes about change are so uplifting and significant is because they give us hope for the future. Was that a huge letdown or did you already guess what I was going to say? If so, you already have felt the lift in your mood when an important political leader or spiritual leader preached on the need for change in our less than perfect behavior and the ways of the world.

So, when will we see this dramatic turnaround that is going to benefit all of mankind? The answer to that question is right in front of our faces. It does not start with President Obama’s inspirational quotes about change and it didn’t start with your minister’s sermon last Sunday morning. Change begins within the heart of each individual. If you find the President’s speeches about change or your preacher’s more Biblical approach to the subject motivational the world as a whole will reap the rewards. Each and every individual who experiences an awakening of the spirit and makes the decision to approach his fellow man in a more positive and loving way brings us nearer to a better existence as a whole.