Jul 10, 2009


A number of inspirational addiction poems have been submitted by visitors to this blog recently and of all the quotes and poetry that I have read in my lifetime none could compare with the emotional outpouring that I felt when reading the words of the authors.

Some of the stories were written in rhyme and others in a gentle, calming rhythm that belied the torment that the authors were obviously feeling. Having many friends in Al-Anon, I found it relatively easy to spot the poetry that was written by loved ones and family members that had found peace and contentment by working the 12 Step Program as recommended by that life saving organization. Much of the literature produced by Al-Anon focuses on bringing the individuals surrounded by alcoholism and addiction back to a normal, sane life no matter what the choices made by the addict in their lives.

The inspirational addiction poems and quotes submitted by those who are successful in following this line of thought are uplifting and filled with peace, hope and understanding. It's as if the poetry was specifically written as a soothing balm for troubled souls who have not yet found support.

Unfortunately not all addiction poems are composed by those whose minds and thoughts are peaceful. Those who are still in agony over watching a spouse, a son or daughter or perhaps a parent being sucked into the black hole of addiction and death are often compelled by the overwhelming sadness to put their feelings about the disease of addiction into words.

I want to thank everyone who visits here for sharing their inspirational addiction poems and to offer prayers to those who are still suffering. For the next few days, I will be posting some of the poetry that has been shared through the comment form on this blog.

If you have inspirational addiction poems or quotes that might help others or if you have not found the path to a better life and it would help you to relieve some of the pressure to share some thoughts you are welcome to send them to us as well.


Anonymous said...

You asked for opinions on the association between insanity and addiction. I don't know that much about addicts other than their behavior when they are under the influence. But many of the best known poets were considered to be mad and the entire history of poetry has been associated with insanity.

The author of the book to which you referred, Mark Bauer, is an expert on this. In fact, the introduction to the book makes the case that being slightly off balance mentally can be a benefit to poets. One has to question whether Edgar Allen Poe's work would have been as deep and profound if he had not been suffering from mental unrest.