Dec 21, 2009


It's always important to focus on keeping kindness in Christmas, but in these difficult times it's crucial that we take time to see and help with the needs of others less fortunate. And yes, no matter how tight our budgets are pinched or how lean our cupboards the search for someone who could use some assistance will sadly not end far from our door.

Even if money is tight it would be helpful to go through your closet and find some warm clothes to take to a shelter. A coat or a jacket would mean everything to a person who may have none.

Another way of keeping kindness in Christmas is to offer your services at no charge. The elderly would appreciate a little help with yard work or a lift to an appointment would be a luxury compared to public transportation.

Young parents with children often lack trustworthy babysitters. Volunteer to keep the little ones for a few hours while they do a little last minute shopping or just to enjoy each other's company.

Try it, you might be amazed at how these simple acts of kindness may enrich your own holiday season. Please come back to Motivational Inspirational Posters Poems and Quotes and share with us how you found ways of helping others and keeping kindness in Christmas.