Jan 23, 2009


Strangely enough sad poems often have the ability of comforting us rather than to drag us down into the mood of the author. In theory, when we are feeling loss of a loved one through death or a breakup, to hunker down with a tissue and a book filled with sad and touching poems might be the worst possible therapy. The thoughts on this are that such material would pull us further into the deep mire of grief and add fuel to the fire of misery rather than to lift us up and help us to move on.

If this is the case, why do we pull together just enough energy after a devasting moment in life to drag ourselves out of bed or our favorite chair to dress and shuffle down to the neighborhood book store to find a book filled with deep, sad poems? Are we as human beings that self-destructive by nature?

I had pondered this behavior for awhile. Whenever a friend called after a death in their family or a relationship went bad, I did my best to steer them away from sad poems on death and dying or loss of love. This was my way of helping them to heal and wallowing in their despair.

Recently, I needed some comforting myself. A death of a loved one at any time is bad, but a loss during the holidays has to be the worst of all. In my efforts to heal myself, I made the decision to devote some time to home organization. Cleaning out shelves and drawers was my way of busying my mind as well as making sense of the world.

In the process, I came across a book of poetry that I had seen my loved one reading from time to time. The need for a connection compelled me to take a break, sit for a minute and read a few lines. If it had been obvious that there were sad poems in the mix, I might never have allowed myself to open the book. But there was no indication that the poetry was written on the subject of sadness.

When I started to turn the pages, a piece of paper with familiar handwriting fell into my lap. It was a sad poem that was written during a rough patch in my friend's life. She had lost a husband almost immediately after she got the news that she was expecting their child and wrote this touching poem of sadness. Somehow I knew that writing her feelings made her feel better. I know that it changed my opinion in regards to the healing properties of poetry.

I miss you in the morning
When at first I wake
Your voice and smile are with me
With every move I make

We’d been a pair forever
It seems since the first breath I took
Now I find myself alone yet not alone
A leaf floating in the brook

I find solace, however
In memories of time together
Keeping them close in my heart of hearts
Will comfort me forever

Even though the Lord has called you
And you are at home above
You haven’t left me cold and alone
For I’m carrying your love

You can rest easy in your reward
Knowing that your love will go on
What we learned together will be shared with others
In the light that shines within me long after you’ve gone.

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sad poems said...

I have been writting sad poems all my life, every night a few words. i ended up with a book and the sadness went away through the years but the book has been always there . . .